The 150th anniversary badge made by Toye Kenning & Spencer for Birmingham Childrens Hospital
THE world renowned Birmingham Children’s Hospital has turned to the city’s famous Jewellery Quarter to help its commemorate its 150th anniversary.

The hospital has struck a deal with the city’s oldest manufacturer, Toye Kenning & Spencer to produce a special commemorative badge and the pin is proving so popular that its limited edition run may have to be considerably extended.

Retailing at £1.50 via the hospital and its supporters and partners across the region, the badge is being used to generate funds.

The hospital said early indications were that the badges were proving very popular and it now expected that the initial batch of 5,000 would have to be increased.

Louise McCathie, Head of Fundraising at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, said: “We wanted our birthday to be a celebration of all that has been achieved since 1862 as well as our ambitions for future achievements.

“To realise our ambitions we have to continue to raise funds for equipment, facilities and services; this commemorative badge has an important role to play. Getting the design and manufacture right was, therefore, incredibly important.

“Tradition is important to us so we wanted to work with a local manufacturer. Toye Kenning & Spencer has a strong sense of the importance of community and its philosophy matched ours. Their design capabilities, craft skills and service ethic meant they were the ideal partner. They have a personal approach, taking the time to get to know and understand us, caring as much about the final outcome as we did.”

As a consequence of the successful collaboration, the hospital has now turned to Toye Kenning & Spencer to manufacture a badge for its nurses.

“Our nurses will wear the badge with pride so creating something very special as a way to thank them for their expertise and hard work is important,” added Ms McCathie.

The badge is at the prototype stage but once completed, more than 1,000 will be manufactured.