Members of The Royal Victorian Order and holders of the Royal Victorian Medal can now wear a representation of their honour with pride in their everyday life. This follows the introduction in January 2011 of the emblem, which is manufactured exclusively by Toye Kenning & Spencer.

The Royal Victorian Order is awarded by the Monarch for extraordinary, important or personal services to the Sovereign or Royal Family. King George VI awarded it to his speech therapist, Lionel Logue, who is brought to life by Geoffrey Rush in his Oscar nominated performance in ‘The King’s Speech’.

The emblem is a beautifully woven blue, red and white buttonhole with the arms of the Royal Victorian Order on the front. Unlike the full insignia, which could only be worn on state occasions, the emblem can be worn at all times.

“It is clearly a great personal honour to be appointed a member of the Royal Victorian Order,” said Fiona Toye, chief executive of Toye Kenning & Spencer. “We are delighted to be crafting the emblem and do so with the same care and attention that we dedicate to everything we manufacture. Our weavers and metal smiths are using the skills they have honed over many years to create this mark of an individual’s extraordinary contribution.”

There are currently 5,500 living members and medallists of the Royal Victorian Order, based throughout the country.