The company’s long association with Freemasonry began in the mid 19th Century when William Toye became an active Freemason, serving in several Degrees. Since then the company has integrated some of the most respected names in the manufacture of Freemasonry regalia and now, under the name of Toye, Kenning & Spencer it serves Freemasons around the globe.

Toye Kenning & Spencer also supplies the governing bodies of many Friendly Societies including the National Association of Ladies’ Circles, RAOB, the International Order of Ladies’ Glades, Oddfellows and the Catenian Association.

Toye Kenning and Spencer are proud to be the exclusive supplier of the UGLE Tercentenary jewels and ties. They are available to order on our website using the link:

The jewels are available in enamelled metal gilt, silver gilt, 9ct gold and 18ct gold, all made by our craftsmen in our factory in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. Please note that these will not be despatched until after the official launch date of 24th June.

Contact Nick Ellwood on for details of our complete product range.