Birmingham Factory
We a history spanning more than 300 years, Toye, Kenning & Spencer understands the heritage of Livery Companies and Guilds, many of which were medieval companies established to regulate their own trade, craft or profession. The company is, therefore, well placed to serve these prestigious organisations, designing and manufacturing the UK a range of regalia including badges of office and chains for Livery Company Masters and Past Masters, Prime Wardens and Wardens. The company also creates beautiful brooches for Masters’ wives to commemorate their year of office.

Today the company has strong links with these organisations through its chairman, Bryan Toye, who has been President of the Royal Warrant Holder’s Association, the City Livery Club and Lime Street Ward Club as well as Master of the Gold and Silver Wyre Drawers, The Broderers and Prime Warden of the Goldsmiths.