A clear but jam-packed cufflink catalogue for launch at a New York trade fair.

We were approached by Jewellery Quarter based artisan manufacturing company Toye, Kenning & Spencer to re-design the catalogue for their hand-enamelled cufflink collection, KJD Jewellers. The last catalogue had been put together seven years ago, so there was a lot to update.

Aimed primarily at the US market (for use at various trade fairs) the catalogue starts with a bold and distinctive cover, printed with a metallic ink and featuring a porthole die-cut through which the KJD Jewellers logo is visible. This leads into a clear and simple introductory spread, which then eases readers into the various product pages.

The catalogue features a whopping 815 individual items – mostly cufflinks but also associated accessories such as dress studs and tie-pins – but despite there being so many products, the design isn’t cluttered.

This has been achieved in part by breaking up the content into distinct sections – making ranges easy to browse – but also by adhering to a strict grid. Products have each been given plenty of space, allowing each and every piece to be presented to its very best advantage.

As soon as the catalogue came back from the printers it was whisked away across the pond to a jewellery trade show in New York.

What we did

  • Brand development
  • Brochure
  • Copywriting

“KJD Jewellers is our luxury brand of enamelled cufflinks, all made by hand in our workshops in the heart of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, and we wanted the catalogue to reflect their quality and their classic British style. We were delighted with the resultant design. Our initial mailing has resulted in several compliments on the new catalogue from existing customers, and good orders from customers old and new.”

Christine Cushing, Design & Marketing Manager, Toye, Kenning & Spencer


Special thanks to Supercool based in Birminghams Jewellery Quarter.