We would like to congratulate 6 Ordinary Men on their 2012 North Pole Expedition. The Ordinary Men, include Brian Amos, Alex Parker, Andrew Taylor, Paul Taroni, John Donovan, and Nigel Warwick. The journey commence on 31st March and it was concluded on 11th April (11am GMT) when they “Ordinary Men” updated their blog saying:

Hey - you lot down there?
We’re on Top of the World!!!!!
We did it! We made it!
We’re in the middle of doing our Victory Dance trying not to spill the whiskey!!
Best Wishes to everyone - thanks so much for your support - we’ve got some fab photo’s to share with you when we return.

6 Ordinary Men in progress

Toye, Kenning & Spencer are proud to announce that we were the manufacturers of commemorative medals that were given to the rest of the team by Brian Amos & Andrew Taylor whne they reached the North Pole.

The medals were made out of 18ct White Gold and supplied boxed with our Toye, Kenning & Spencer Royal Warrent and on metal chains.
If anybody would like to add to the £182,227.00 for the Childrens Charity Sparks, Click Here.