Toye, Kenning & Spencer manufactures distinctive hand-made hats, caps, side caps and berets in its Bedworth factory near Coventry.  The company’s hat production demonstrates the symmetry of its in-house production capabilities.  Hats made by the company are finished off with its own ribbon, embroidery and badges.

Toye’s hats are instantly recognisable - from ceremonial headdress for Guards regiments to dice checked caps worn by policemen on the beat. An ornate peaked cap for an officer pronounces the wearer’s rank.  A naval seaman’s cap displays the ship’s name on the tally band.  Fire and ambulance personnel involved in emergencies work confidently in their high visibility caps and a Royal Marine sports with pride the regimental badge on his beret.

The company’s expertise and attention to detail is also highly valued by corporate customers, whether they are airlines, civil authorities or security firms.  Toye tailor generic hats in a female style, and all its products are renowned for comfort and durability.