In both military and civilian life medals are a mark of distinction to commemorate a person, action or event.  They can be awarded to a soldier, a student or anyone for a heroic action, for merit, for proficiency or skill in any art or subject.

Centuries of experience in die cutting and striking medals have made Toye, Kenning & Spencer medallists of the first order.  They make full size and miniature medals of civil and military honours and design and make medals in precious and non precious metals for major events.

Additional services include medal mounting, court mounting, refurbishment, identification, presentation framing, advice on medal wearing etiquette and a regularly updated medal chart.

Toye, Kenning & Spencer is sole supplier of the Order of the British Empire buttonhole emblem, launched in January 2007, which members of the Order can wear with pride in their everyday life.

If you wish to purchase any of our medal products including miniatures, ribbons and mounting services or one of our charts or books on medals please visit our dedicated website: